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Wedding Photography, capturing the Love, Joy, and Romance of yor special day.
The photos of your Wedding: A Storytelling affair

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Your Wedding photographs should make a collection of all the moments of such an important event. They will be memories for later to enjoy. Every Wedding is different and full of significant little stories, little moments.
As a photographers our job is to record in photos, meaningful messages of love, joy and romance. The photos of your Wedding become a storytelling affair. We do our best to capture not only the moment but the feelings attached to them.
When we are hired to photograph a Wedding, we feel honored and appreciative for the fact that a couple, in fact, two families, have put their trust in our hands. We are privilege and greatfull that they have allowed us into their special event.
From the first consultation, to the moment the couple walks into church we will be forging a close and long lasting relation with the couple and both their families and friends. That interaction translate into a pleasant, relaxed, and "Unique Photographic Experience".

What is the process of hiring us as your Wedding's photographer?
The process starts right where you are now, looking at our Website. Regardless of how you got to know us, it is paramount that you inspect our work, and perhaps get to know us, a little bit, through our work. We strive to make a work of art off every frame.

Once you have browsed our site, either give us a call at (305) 588-0209 or send us an email at: to set up an appointment for a consultation. During this Bridal Interview, we will check our availability for your date. You will be able to know us, as well as our work. We will be able to discuss all aspects of your Wedding, answer any questions, gather information about prices and products. This meeting can be held at our studio, at the venue where the Wedding or the reception will take place, or at your home.

Once you have decided that we are the perfect match for your event, we will fill out the contract, place the deposit, and set up appointments for the sessions you might have chosen.

After this, we will stay in touch with you periodically confirming session dates and any development.

Local, Nationwide, Destination Weddings
We are located in Miami Florida. We have been operating in this city since 1979. Since, we have travelled to many cities of the continental US as well as to abroad covering numerous events. We can photograph Weddings anywhere in the World. No Wedding is too big or place too far.

engagement_session_photographyEngagement Photo Sessions
Engagement Sessions are part of the storytelling process of wedding photography. Engagement Sessions tend to be an informal Photographic event, where Bride and Groom test themselves in front of the camera and the photographer. We consider this photo sessions "a must" in orther to have a more relaxed and friendly client/photographer interaction later during the Wedding. It is nice to shoot your engagement Photo Session on location, if possibly, at the place where the Groom "popped the question", or perhaps at the stage of your first kiss.

bridal_photos_in_studioCandid Man or a full service Wedding Photo Studio?
While there are many excellent photographers operating as what is called Candid Man photographer, Mint Memoire Studios is a full service Wedding Photo Studio, dedicated to serve Brides and Grooms on their photographic needs of that special day. Based in Miami, Florida, we opened our doors in 1979. Since, our goal has been to give clients the best bridal photo service experience in a professional and amiable fashion.
We have the knowledge and the experience of many years in the field plus the necessary equipment to undertake any wedding regardless of size, demand and location. At our studio we can shoot formal wedding portraits while offering the client a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
If you are in Miami, you are always welcome to pay us a visit and enquire about our services.

Bridal Photo Packages
We offer many different Wedding Photographic Packages to accommodate the needs of our clients, however most of them are based on the coverage amount of time. For more information on our Bridal Photo Packages please schedule your Bridal Interview.

Shoot and Turn Over images?
Even when most of our plans include all the digital files shot at the Wedding, each frame is carefully checked and reviewed for color correction, cropping and minor retouching details. You will find a noticeable difference between the original and the reviewed file.

formal_wedding_photo_at_altarWhat is your photography style, Photojournalistic Storytelling or Traditional Pictorial?
No one wedding is photographed strictly in one single style. No two Weddings are the same, whoever they all are a very romantic and inspirational day. Often times photographers have to adopt a way of shooting according to their equipment, knowledge, taste, special circumstances of the venue, or by the recurrent request of the public. We always try our best to accommodate our shooting style to the clients preference. If our Bride and Groom prefers the Photojournalistic Style we will have their wedding photograph in a more casual informal way. If however, their preference is that of a more formal traditional photography we can also document their wedding that way. Wedding photography's primary objective should be that of documenting the event. How you want that done it is all up to you. Our style is always the one that satisfies our clients.

down_the_isleColor or Black and White, film or digital?
Weddings are shot in color. The digital technology allows us to photograph in places we could not even think possible. The colors and sharpness of the images are outstanding. So, why not use what we have in hand? If you consider having some of your wedding pictures in Black and White for a more artistic appeal we can transform those frames afterwards, however if you choose to photograph your event in Black and White for whatever reason, there will be no way to transform those files back into Color. So, I suggest you to choose Color and decide later.
As far as whether to shoot digitally or in film, our suggestion is to stick to digital photography. For many years (in fact I learned photography way before the digital revolution) I shot everything, including Weddings, on film. There are many technical aspects of my recommendation that would need a lengthy explanation, but the very first one to take into account is quality, aside from the limitations offered by one single sensitivity of your media (ISO) . In any event, if you where to have your wedding shot on film, those photos will end up been digitized.

Formal Photo Shoots: Studio or on location?
This will be strictly your choice. We consider this a mere matter of taste and preference. While in the Studio photos tend to be more formal and elegant, on location shooting render photos with a different taste and appeal according to the place. In the studio, the photographer is more in control of all the variables such as light, tonal range, textures, etc. Outside shooting tend to be more organic where the environment is intended to play an inportant part of the scene. Also, you can choose to have your formal picture taken the day of the Wedding right after the ceremony; there is no substitute for this kind of backdrop. Once again, this will be your decision; were will be here at your disposal.

Our clients will always have available our contract to review and comment on it. If you want to take a look at it please email us with your request a we will be sending you a code to download it in PDF format to your computer.

We base our business in customer satisfaction and it comes in many ways. Our priority is to serve you, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel you need to change a date or an already scheduled session. We will always try our best to accommodate your choices, dates, and preferences.

We base our services in clients satisfaction. We listen carefully to our clients request from the first interview because we need to understand and fulfill their needs. The best instrument at hand to understand a client is communication, and we need it to be both ways. Any doubts, questions or suggestions, any special requests, any missunderstanding needs to be clarified, so please feel free to call or email us as many times as yo want. We also need your understanding in this respect and grant us access to phone numbers as well as emails.

Organization and Planning
Every Wedding is meticulously organized so no detail will be missed. This can only be accomplished through planning. We work in close contact with the wedding planner and caterers. We need to be aware of every pre-planned event for the wedding. Although we are familiar with many venues around town, as part of our planning routine, we scout the venues where the event is going to take place ahead of time to estimate the right equipment to be used. According to the size of the Wedding.

How many photos per wedding?
It is impossible to estimate a number of picture per wedding. It depends on many factors among which are the wedding plan you choose, the size of the wedding itself, how many guests, how and where will be the ceremony and the reception; how many events will take place during the reception. Will there be a first viewing? We will be able to give you rough estimate of how many shot after we have our interview.

How long will it take to have our Wedding order ready?
Usually it will be ready in 2 months from the time you choose your album, enlargements and other products.

atelier_high_fashion_coutureBridal Gowns and Evening Dresses

We suggest you to check our Bridal Gowns page where we showcase many elegant custom made Wedding and Evening dresses. They are the original custom creations of the prestigious Ella Bella Rozio Couture in Coral Gables.

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